The Fun Has Just Begun

Hi Everyone, my name is Sierra. I am a homeschooled teen growing up on a small farm with two little sisters, seven horses and a whole lot of fun. To start out with let’s meet a couple of my favorite four legged horse friends.

The first horse we will meet is a 9yr old paint named Iroquois. My family has had Iroquois for nearly his whole life. He was born on our farm and my Mom trained him until he was three. Then my Mom sold him to a local lady, who took him through 4-h. Three years later my Mom was looking for another horse. The lady who had him was heading off to college and had to sell Iroquois. He was brought back to the farm soon after that.

Iroquois and I have competed at the county fair for the past two years. The first year we eased into showing by just competing in Western, English, trail and showmanship. Last year, we were more ambitious and competed in Reining, Western Dressage, English Dressage and speed events!IMG_7984



Next let’s meet my newest training project, Ty. I have been working with Ty, an 8yr old Appaloosa  Arabian cross, for a little over a year. When we got him he had never been sat on and had little ground manners. After lots of ground work and round penning we are finally learning how to be a riding pony! I have ridden a few green horses (not fully trained to ride) but Ty, has been my very first horse I have saddle broke (trained to be ridden). He has and is still teaching me something new everyday.  IMG_7792


Echo is an 18 year old Arabian. We got her about three years ago. Echo was an endurance horse before we got her.  Mom had one of her old lesson girls ride Echo for a month to get her used to arena work when we first got her. I have ridden her for the past two years and my sister, Meefy, just started riding her this month. They are doing awesome together. Echo and I have been working on Huntseat and Jumping. She also likes trail riding.IMG_6174

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