November Fun

The last two weeks have been totally crazy. My family has been able to go on five trail rides in the last two weeks. It has been super fun! Ty, (the good looking Appy in pink boots below) has gone on his second and third trail ride and did great! Meefy also rode Ty for the first time. Yay!IMG_9605

On Sundays, Dad, Mom, my two little sisters and I, go on a trail ride after church with the training horses ( Ty, Echo, Buckwheat (My 5yr old sister’s pony) and Sundance our new training pony). On Mondays, we leave E, my youngest sister, with my grandma. My parents, Meefy and I go on a “fast” ( trot and canter) trail ride with my Dad’s old Ride and Tie partner, Lisa. We have been on some pretty amazing trails right up the rode we didn’t even know about. There have been deep water crossings and steep muddy inclines and the horses are taking it in stride.

Last Monday, Meefy, Dad and I got to go on a 15 mile trail ride with a friend from 4-H. It was really fun! Meefy rode her 14yr old Appaloosa, Miranda, and was able to jump 2 foot logs like a cross country course! Dad rode Iroquois, and I rode a new Arabian named Pip.

Also exciting, back in September, I applied for the AQHA Young Horse Development Program and last week I received a letter saying I had been accepted!! The Program gives AQHA Youth a donated weanling (4 to 6 month old horse) free of charge! The youth are required to do reports, YouTube videos and other assignments throughout a nine month period, competing for a $2,000 scholarship! My weanling is being donated by KT Ranch in Connell, WA. I can’t wait!! You can see her here ➡Ruby

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