Let The Holidays Begin!

Last week was super fun! E had a birthday and wanted to shoot nerf guns off the horses! So E, Meefy, Dad and I got Iroquois and Sundance ( a new project pony) out and we would ride the horses around shooting targets and whoever got the fastest time won! Meefy and I also rode Iroquois double for the first time!! He was so good. I have some pretty awesome little sisters! IMG_0064IMG_0098


For Thanksgiving we went over to my Grandparents house. My Aunt and Uncle and cousins came too!! We all probably ate too much turkey and pie! Haha!!Playing board games while drinking apple cider and eggnog with my cousins is so much fun! I can’t wait for Christmas!!  

My Aunt and Uncle were able to stay for a couple days so Mom and Dad took all of us kids for a trail ride!!  We only brought four horses and there was seven of us including Mom and Dad, so we took turns riding and walking/running…just like “Ride and tie”(an endurance type race where you ride and run)! At one point, Dad let us older three run ahead a ways. Wind against our faces racing up the sun-spotted trail…Magical!


4 Replies to “Let The Holidays Begin!”

    1. Sundance is doing great. Yesterday he jumped out of his pen! That’s like 4 feet tall! I guess we are going to have to build a bigger fence. Maybe you can jump him next time you visit!! My Dad said to practice your hatchet throwing for next time you visit! Extreme mounted hatchet throwing.
      Thanks for commenting,


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