Young Horse Development Program


On Saturday, my whole family (including the dogs) all loaded up into the 24′ motor home pulling our 2 horse trailer.  We hit the road to go pick up my “AQHA Young Horse Development Program” filly in Connell, Washington. The ranch named the filly KT Alaskan Ruby calling her “Ruby” but since I’ve known of so many “Ruby”s I have decided to call her “Alaska”.  Saturday night we stayed at a pretty camp ground that was only 9 minutes from the ranch. As we pulled into the ranch’s driveway the next morning, we could see the weanlings. They were so cute! Toni from KT Ranch greeted us at the gate and was really nice and knowledgable. The filly was a bit flighty at first but soon settled down and Toni was able to catch her. Once she was caught, Toni had me come into the pen to meet “Alaska”.  She wasn’t sure about me at first but eventually let me pet her.  When it came time to load her into the horse trailer, Alaska did not want to hop in the trailer at first, but with the help of some grain, she got in. She rode in the trailer really well and without incident on the entire 10 hour ride home, but was very happy to get out of the trailer once at our farm, even boldly stepping down out of the horse trailer into the black night. Thank you KT Ranch for giving me this beautiful filly!



All loaded up and ready to go to her new home

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