Adventures With Minis!

Whoa it has been a really long time since I last posted! But believe me it hasn’t been from lack of adventures. It has been from too many! So here is one of our many adventures!

The cars flashed by as Meefy and I followed the side of the road, keeping a firm grasp on our lead ropes that held the two energetic mini horses. Just an hour before, We were having lunch at the orchard my parents work at, talking about what needed to be done that day. Last year we sold two minis to a lady, but she decided not to keep them, so we told them we would take them back. My mom was trying to persuade my dad to pick up the minis since we had the trailer hooked up to the truck.  My dad had a very busy afternoon and really didn’t have time to get the minis. Half jokingly he mentioned that Meefy and I could walk since they lived close by. Well,….Meefy and I thought it would be a new kind of adventure! To my huge surprise, my mom, even though she was worried wasn’t opposed to the idea. We looked up our route on google maps and after a few minutes of planning we struck out on our 2 mile expedition, with nothing but a smart phone, water bottle and the determination to retrieve the minis and return without being run over or kidnaped. The trip there was easy but by the time we arrived at the minis, both Meefy and I had discarded our jackets and were down to our t-shirts. We quickly haltered the minis and called my mom to reassure her we were both still alive. Then we carefully made our way back down the side of the road back towards the orchard. The minis were full of energy at first and absolutely didn’t like the cars. But after we stopped in a couple driveways and reminded them how to behave, they calmed down a bit and we made are way safely back to the orchard with no casualties, even safely crossing busy roads and cutting through parking lots!  Adventure seems to follow us around and barely gives us enough time to catch our breath before something else happens. I wonder what other adventures the Lord has in store for us in the upcoming months. Hmm…maybe we can ride our horses to go get ice cream next! We’ll have to see what my mom says.


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