Family Road Trip!

Wow, it has been a long time since I last wrote anything! It has been a crazy summer and it still hasn’t slowed down! Right now we are currently in our Big Foot motorhome with our three dogs headed to Kansas to visit my grandparents.  The to do list was a mile long but some how we managed to get all the animals taken care of, stuff packed and last minute fencing projects taken care of.  Our motorhome is pretty fit for off the grid having solar panels, LED lights and a composting toilet so we are planning on dry camping the whole way from Washington to Kansas.  Yesterday, we headed out at 4pm and drove till about 8pm. We decided to spend the night at the Washington State Horse Park. The park allows over night dry camping for no charge and has fun trails to explore, a giant cross country course, over 50 temporary stalls and 4 huge arenas for hosting events. Its the off-season now so we had the place to ourselves and the dogs loved the jumps all through the woods. We are planing on coming back sometime with some horses to ride the trails. This morning after taking the dogs for a quick hike we headed out. But about 30 miles down the road right after you cross the Colombian River on I-90 there is a scenic viewing area where there is a herd of huge metal horses on the top of a hill.


We decided to take the climb to see the horses and Meefy AKA Marissa, even got on top of one!

Hopefully while we are driving I can get some blog post done about my crazy summer!


One Reply to “Family Road Trip!”

  1. I love these pictures! I am so happy your family is getting to have this adventure. How in the world did Marissa get on that metal horse?


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