Online Mustang Adoption

MARCH 3rd, 2020

Check Out part 2 Online Mustang Adoption. We Got Two!!!

This morning, we found out about an online auction for some of the wild Mustangs in holding and, of course, we HAD to get on the internet to take a quick look.  The “quick look” took a little longer than expected because there were so many beautiful Mustangs up for adoption and we were slowly falling in love with all of them. After over an hour of gazing at the pictures of Mustangs, we decided to go ahead and get in a BLM application, just in cause we wanted to bid.  But we ran into a complication. The BLM has a rule that a person with more than four untitled mustangs has to get further approval. To be titled, you have to own the horse for a year and then have a vet do an inspection before you have complete ownership of the Mustang. My sister and I are planning on competing in the Mustang Yearling Washington Youth 100 day Challenge with hopefully two yearling Mustangs and a burro.  Stardust (Marissa’s Mustang) won’t be titled until a couple weeks after we bring home the competition Mustangs which will put us at four untitled horses. If we brought home another wild Mustang(say from an online auction) that would be 5 untitled Mustangs. After making multiple phone calls, we figured out how many shelters and paddocks we will need and ran outside and set up three new paddocks in the pouring down rain. Once we were finished, we headed inside and applied to have over 4 untitled horses. The online auction ended at 3 p.m. and we were down to the last couple of hours till it was over, so we decided that if we didn’t get approved for 5 either my sister or I would drop either one of our competition Mustangs or the burro.  With an hour and a half left on the clock, we started making low bids on a couple of our favorites but we where quickly out bid. On our favorite Mustang, we bid 20 dollars over the current highest bid and we had the top bid of $70 dollars! But right after we got are bid in, the website started getting super slow and then stoped working all together!! We stared at a loading screen for an hour and a half and we were not able to get back onto the website until after the auction had ended. We were positive we wouldn’t get the Mustang we were bidding on because our last bid was so low, and we were sure we would get out bid! But to our great surprise, we received an email saying we had won!!! We are so excited and can’t believe she is ours!! So without further ado meet #4915 a 3yr old Warm springs Mare from Oregon!!

We haven’t picked her up from the holding corral in Oregon yet but are hoping to soon! We can’t wait to start working with this little mare and see what all she teaches us! To follow her journey checkout her facebook page called “A Wild Journey With #4915” >>>  Click Here

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