Week Three and Four With Crumpet! Washington Mustang Madness 100 Day Training Challenge!

Week Three And Four With Crumpet
May 3rd-16th

What a couple of weeks! Crumpet has learned many new things including the beginnings of Side-passing, haunch turns and forehand turns. Now we just have to focus on trying to stick her turns and not move around so much. I also introduced her to standing tied and after testing the rope a couple of times she figured it out and stands pretty well and even allows me to brush her while tied. I started working on picking up Crumpet’s feet and she once again was so well behaved that I was able to clean out all four feet and still remain in one piece! We continued working on obstacles including the tarp, pedestal, bridge and jumps and backing between poles which she is really starting to get the hang of! Here is a video of are progress! Crumpet is a little wary of my photographer but she is getting better about new people everyday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iE3hQM34r5s

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