We Got Accepted!! (2021 Washington Mustang Madness 100 Day Training Challenge)

We are once again competing in the Washington Mustang Madness Training Challenge. The challenge gives competitors 120 days to train a wild Mustang before returning for a final competition on August 5th-7th. All three of us sisters will be competing this year and we couldn’t be more excited! All of this years picks are yearling fillies from the Paisley Dessert HMA in Oregon. These pretty little fillies will be looking for a perfect home after the competition, but for the mean time, let’s go take a look at this stunning group of horses!

Meet #6125, Eliza’s competition Mustang! It will be her very first Mustang and she picked an adorable yearling palomino. Follow Eliza’s Facebook page to keep up with their adventures>>


Marissa’s pick, #6075, is an interesting brown/livery chestnut yearling. We are very curious to see how she sheds out. This will be Marissa’s third Mustang and second Mustang TIP Challenge. Marissa’s Facebook Page>>> https://www.facebook.com/MarissaZanesMightyMustang

And last, my (Sierra’s) cute little filly. She will be my second Mustang to train, but my very first to train for a competition!

Sierra’s Facebook Page>>https://www.facebook.com/sierrafarmergirlsequinefiasco

We will be picking these fillies up at then end of the month and I can’t wait to begin their training and see what all these Mustangs have to teach us!

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