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Ellie May $4000


Ellie is a super smart, fun, high energy, 8yo, 14.3 hand Azteca mare. She lunges walk, trot, canter, stands tied and picks up her feet nicely. She has recently been started under saddle and she is doing really well. She currently goes walk, trot, canter, stop, back, and is learning the beginnings side passing and haunch turns. She has been popped over a few cross rails and has a very cute jump! She is still very green and can be quirky at times but is very smart and learns things quickly. Her price will go up with training.

!!!SOLD!!! Milo $3500


Milo is a stunning completely black, Mustang with all the mane you could ask for! Milo is a sweet and calm gelding with huge kid horse potential! He is 14.3 hands and is 6yrs old. He has a great walk, trot and has a nice, slow canter but can be a little drifty in big areas. He has not been ridden very consistently until recently and is just figuring out what his job is. He was trained to lay down and Being a young and smart boy he will try to lay down with new riders and can be nibble-y but as long as you tell him “no” and he learns he cannot get away with it, he will not try it again. He is easy to catch, ties and picks up his feet nicely and has a in your pocket personality. He has been ridden in fields, indoor and outdoor arenas and is always his calm, goofy self. It would not take much for him to become an awesome Trail riding, pony club, lesson or just a fun all around riding partner! He isn’t a spooky or reactive and has a very laid back and easy going demeanor. He would be a great first project for a teen to finish his training and with more training I think he would make an outstanding kids horse. Under supervision of a trainer a 9yr old has ridden him, led him and untacked him with ease and he was super well behaved.

!!!SOLD!!! Fools Gold $6000

Youtube Video:

Looking for a horse who has a naturally calm personality? Looking for a potential lesson horse? Trail horse? Potential Dressage horse? Liberty Horse? Fools Gold can do it all! He is a 15.1 hand 3yr old gelding from the Paisley Desert HMA in OR. He has a solid walk, trot, canter under saddle and rides great both in and out of the arena. Open fields, wooded forest or sandy arenas are no big deal for this big fella! He has been on trail rides and absolutely loves it! He has crossed water, gone through brush and stayed calm through all three gaits even with 4 other horses galloping down the trail. He’s not afraid of bikers and loves to stop and greet each one of them. We have ridden on gravel and he has nice hard feet and doesn’t require shoes. Fools Gold is a very trainable and mellow gelding and has even packed my 8yr old sister around the arena. Ever considered Vlogging? Fools Gold has the looks to be a movie star and is very accustomed to self navigating while his rider is busy video-ing and taking selfies. Do you love the connection you develop while working at liberty? Fools Gold is becoming fluent in working at Liberty and is a very fast learner with a huge desire to please. Fools Gold has all the basics and is ready to be finished in a specific discipline or to just be ridden out on the trails or around the arena. Fools Gold was part of the Teens and Oregon 100 day riding Competition and requires approval by the BLM. Send us a message and I would be happy to send you the application.

!!!SOLD!!! Reba $2000

Reba’s Youtube Video’s

(Video Includes Groundwork and W/T under saddle)

(Video includes W/T/C under saddle) 

(Video Includes Grooming, Saddling, and picking up feet) 

Sweet, stunning and well built. Reba is an 8yr old, 14.3 hand, Titled BLM Mustang from the Warm Springs HMA, in Oregon. She was adopted in June of 2020 from the Burns, OR Holding Corral. Over the last year she has made leaps and bounds in her training and trust in people and is now enjoying the ease of domestic life. Reba was lightly started under saddle this spring. In September, she was started in consistent training and she has a solid walk and trot under saddle, the canter is coming along nicely. Her calm is very, very calm but she can be a little nervous when uncertain about new situations. Reba has had her teeth floated, as well as, a couple acupressure appointments(just to make sure she didn’t get anything out of wack during the roundup and that she was okay to start riding under saddle) which she loved. She is still green and is best suited for someone with Mustang/horse training experience.

Skips Dusty Gold (Harley) $6000

Youtube Video:

Meet Harley a handsome, sweet and easygoing horse. Harley is a 10yr old registered APHA, 15.3 hand gelding. Harley has done a little bit of everything from high school equestrian team practices, to trail rides. He also packs around kids like a champ both on and off the lead line. 
He has a solid and smooth walk, trot, canter under saddle. We have jumped him a little bit and he took it in stride. He is sweet, calm and a gentleman both on the ground and under saddle. Even with his big size an 8yr old can catch him, safely lead and ride him, sponge him off afterwards and blanket him all by herself. Harley could do just about anything! Hunter classes? He’s nice and tall without the hotness of a Thoroughbred and looks just as stunning English! Western Classes? This guy is sure to give Quarter Horses a run for their money!

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