Week Two With #4915 And #4810 (2020 Online Adoption Mustangs)

Week Two with #4915 and #4810                                                                                                       June 8th-14th, 2020

Marissa’s mustang #4915 (3yr old Red Roan) has made leaps and bounds over the last week! After weeks of trying to decide on a name for #4915 Marissa finally decided to call her “Tahani!” This week Tahani learned many new things.  Marissa put a surcingle on her and Tahani was totally fine with it. She also started walking around with the saddle and saddle pad on and took it like a champ! They continued working on leading and Marissa was able to get her trotting in hand pretty consistently. They also worked on side passing, haunch turns and four hand turns and Tahani is really starting to figure it all out. Other things they are working on are lunging, picking up Tahani’s front feet and she even let Marissa untangled her tail. We unfortunately only got video on day eight but she was getting much better at leading and lunging towards the end of the week. Here is a link to a video>>>>


Moving on to my mare #4810 (7yr old chestnut). Slow and steady wins the race seems to be the motto for this mare. We have been playing quite a few different round penning games such as, having her keep her face towards me and walking towards me. As for actually touching her she still wants nothing to do with it and is still reactive. I am sure with a little more time and patience this mare will come along wonderfully!

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